English Diary 26-30 November 2012

30 Nov

This my diary for the second week and second diary for the new post. It was monday 26th I have practiced time to practice for Christmas program. I have no test for today but tomorrow I will. I need to study for tomorrow test which it hard for me to understand about Economics which I not good at it even in Thai language. I also have a lot of work to finished before the exam day. For second language was Journalism I have one work to finish by next friday it was quite easy to finished it but I need to find resources to make my work finish. For the Bible classes I have only Scrapbook work to finish it by next week. And also I have learned about how to make relationship with friends and learned what difference between friends and unfriendly it a lot more easier to understand what friends is. World History this week I have no test it’s been good and I just got project work to finished by next week. I have only big works and some small works I need almost finish work by the end of the weekend . This weekend would be less relaxation time and go more about works and focus more about work and prepared for Christmas performances. English I also got many large work to finish it early and I need to finish it on time and in time. Psychology, the most quite easy, quite hard to understand what lesson is about and understand people, minds, also idea and though. I have test  this week it’s quite hard and use more memory to memorize those vocabulary in the book the things of Psychology is memorize vocabulary. But I still interested in Psychology and learn what life is or chemical in our body has changed always. Chemistry I got my test home and I cannot do it at all and I have learned about energy on earth that go through about those elements to make energy. I so tired with learning and studying in the school. I need long rest I really want that. I need to prepared examination incoming day in next two weeks. On Wednesday, I did same things but everyone preparing the Christmas program and I just preparing for CTW performance only I have 2 subjects to prepared performance. I going to do performance well on that day I can tell you that. On Thursday, I have military exam which it quite easy and some number I cannot do it because I didn’t expect that some number will be on the examination. I did many number on it. When I came back from military center, I don’t want to learn the las subjects because I was tired and I wanted to rest and I have chapter back home test so I can open book test or ask questions with friends, it would be great if I have like open book test I think I can have a very good grade, I can guarantee for that. Today we have christmas performance I have learned only two subjects from seven. What a  very nice day. And I have big works to finish it by next week.


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