English Diary 19-23 November 2012

23 Nov

This is my first diary or post in this word press. This is my story I’m telling about this week only. On Monday  I was studying Economics it was very hard to understand it about tax I can say advanced tax it very hard understand indeed. The second subjects was Journalism my lovely teacher very lovely teacher^^. She  tough me about sportswriting how to write sports news and next day it will be Journalism test. The third subjects was Bible which quite easy to understand what the friends were and tough us about how to love friends and be nice with them. The fourth subjects was World History is was quite hard to understand but I love history especially Thai History. I have learned about History of France right now was about Napoleon and he’s quite tall he showed his power to independence of France. The fifth subjects was English I have a lot of work to finished it and  I was very tired of works that time  I wanted to take rest for all day long but I couldn’t I have to study very hard and finished my work. I couldn’t give up right now I should boost my self up twice to all things. The sixth subjects was very easy for me and was one of my favorite subjects was Psychology. Psychology is the subjects that teach everything about life and it also tech about how to look at people or how to control people which it advanced psychology I haven’t learned that yet. The seventh subjects would be Chemistry is about elements around the world or it can be outside the word. It was quite difficult to remember those elements and how to calculate the mass. It also has the temperature to calculate. This is my subjects that I have learned every day life and only one year to graduate grade eleven year. I have learned hard and do homework always. These are  students life all students should faced the problems and homework we did every day life. The second day  I did the same thing was studying those subjects again and I have learned new thing every day and new chapter its depends on the subjects and time we used. Economics on Tuesday I have learned the same thing all about taxes. Journalism I had a test which it quite hard I couldn’t remember those things so I got the low-grade for sure. The Bible class I have learned the same topic again but new things. World History was about the revolution of France which it good to learned that things and I also interest in history too. English I had tough works again I tried hard to finished it on time. Psychology he signed us to presentation on the next day that we have class and I have learned about IQ thing which we can tell others people about it. Chemistry I also learned the same thing and it hard every day which bad for the grade. On Wednesday I have  Fundraising day which everyone tried hard to collect money and we got big money in that day. Thursday  I had military first exam and it easy to passed it. Friday I got many works to finished it  on next week and I want to take rest right now.


2 Responses to “English Diary 19-23 November 2012”

  1. schirtlea 25/11/2012 at 18:58 #

    “Lovely teacher,” really? 🙂

    I am sorry you are having a tough time in my classes.:-(

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